Online Curriculum

At Pea Ridge High, we believe every child has his/her own academic journey and we strive to provide different opportunities to support those journeys.

Online Curriculum at Pea Ridge High gives motivated students the chance to try independent learning with teacher guidance. Unlike the traditional high school classroom, the online classroom is accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. All work can be done online, no matter where a student is located. Though students are still required to attend the Online Classroom environment, how they work and who they choose to work with is up to them. 

Additionally, PRHS also offers concurrent credit courses through our educational partner, Northwest Arkansas Community College, so students can get a head start in their college careers.

The Online Classroom is a great option for students who want:

  • to earn college credit while still in high school
  • to lead their own learning and act independently
  • to get an idea of what college life or the working environment could look like

Jessica Thomas

  • Online Curriculum Coordinator
  • Online Concurrent Courses Advisor
  • Online Social Studies and History


Nancy Lively

  • Online Math


Michael Schwartz

  • Online English (1st Flight)

Stephen Neal

  • Online English


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